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Cyborg, IIITD's robotics club is based on the philosophy of Together Everyone Achieves More often abbreviated as TEAM. Through this club, we want to provide a space to all the interested people to come together and build things that matter. The club will help you with resources, space, funding and time. The only thing required from you is effort.


  • Tech talks, guidance and mentor ship from professors.
  • Set up a small lab where students can work on various projects.
  • Completely independent components issuing policy.
  • Funding / Sponsorships for various projects and components required for organising workshops.
  • Fortnightly workshops/discussions on key aspects of various streams of robotics and problem statements.
  • Publishing design articles in leading magazines.
  • Regular discussions on Club forums , blog or group pages.
  • Float projects on real life problems and bring out a product or an idea to solve that.

Team Cyborg

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Previous Sessions

  • Basics of Makefile - 03/02/2016
  • Arduino on Breadboard - 14/04/2016
  • Playing with Arduino - 30/08/2016
    • We covered the Basics Of AVR Programming followed by Arduino On BreadBoard.
  • Arduino Programming from scratch - 14/09/2016
    • Basic Arduino Programs in Arduino IDE.
  • Intro to Raspberry Pi - 04/10/2016
    • General Introduction to Raspberry Pi, how to get it started and some cool projects that can be implemented.

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Upcoming Sessions

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